Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How to Get Through the Holidays.....

Confessions from a sugar addict.

I know sugar is meth!  The list of side-effects is long although I do still have my teeth. I have indeed made that dreaded T account of why I should and should not eat sugar.  The "should not" list was 10x's as long....maybe longer but I can't admit that right now. So how do I get through the holidays without moving to a deserted island or enjoying a self-induced coma??

Introducing goodbody cookie bites.....not exactly the real deal, sugar high, can't ever eat enough Christmas cookie but close enough to fool this brain.  And the good news is...I can stop at one, or should I say one serving which is really three!!!  I ordered the sampler of each flavor but only opened the almond butter chocolate chip bag thus far.  They are all tucked away safe and snug in the freezer and hubby man had one last night and thought they were good too.  He is NOT a sugar addict.

Goodbody Cookie Bites  can be found on-line at

Get Real......

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