Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How to Get Through the Holidays.....

Confessions from a sugar addict.

I know sugar is meth!  The list of side-effects is long although I do still have my teeth. I have indeed made that dreaded T account of why I should and should not eat sugar.  The "should not" list was 10x's as long....maybe longer but I can't admit that right now. So how do I get through the holidays without moving to a deserted island or enjoying a self-induced coma??

Introducing goodbody cookie bites.....not exactly the real deal, sugar high, can't ever eat enough Christmas cookie but close enough to fool this brain.  And the good news is...I can stop at one, or should I say one serving which is really three!!!  I ordered the sampler of each flavor but only opened the almond butter chocolate chip bag thus far.  They are all tucked away safe and snug in the freezer and hubby man had one last night and thought they were good too.  He is NOT a sugar addict.

Goodbody Cookie Bites  can be found on-line at

Get Real......

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Burden Becomes Light

The Burden become light when shared by they say.  And hence this blog.....Get Real Paleo.  I am not a fact, I care more about sustainability and knowing where food comes from than I do about pure, hard core Paleo. 

My journey stated seven years ago when I bought a little slice of Heaven to raise sheep for my dogs.  Yep that's right...for my dogs.

Then my friends started asking about lamb, and I started to educate myself about sustainability and how to produce quality farm raised lamb that was affordable and fabulous; and hormone free and antibiotic free and well you understand.  The next step happened the day the chickens crossed the road.....and farm fresh eggs decked my home table; bright orange egg yolks and a taste of the real deal.

Shortly there after, my athlete of a son met a trainer extraordinaire, and was followed by my husband into the world of "over the top" workouts...and Sir Trainer said, "eat Paleo"....meats, fruit and my son said.  And me, being me, I argued....I'm sure the paleolithic people ate grains...for goodness sakes, the first early folks here on this continent had griding stones (okay they were not paleolithic but did live off the land long before cultivation came with a plow)!   Shortly after this introduction to Paleo, a good friend sent me the movie "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" and Sir Trainer started sending me articles about GMOs and what they are doing to our society......and here I am:  looking at Paleo and telling Sir Trainer that people just don't know and it is HIS job to educate.  Then I read an article like this and realise that Paleo or not is my job to help people see all the value of buying local, farm fresh..and its my responsibility to make sure people know they have choices!

CHICAGO (Reuters) - U.S. pork and beef exports to Russia could come to a halt on Saturday following Moscow's requirement that the meat be tested and certified free of the feed additive ractopamine, a move analysts said smacked of political retaliation
Ractopamine is used as a feed additive to make meat leaner, but countries such as China have banned its use despite scientific evidence that it is safe. The United Nations has agreed on acceptable levels of the the whole story here

What the HECK!???!!!  Russia is refusing beef from US because of "acceptable levels of ractopamine"  Acceptable to whom?  And what is in my beef...the beef that is sold here in the good ole USA out of a grocery store.... that Russia won't allow imported into their country? 

So this blog is not gong to be a lot of original ideas...but I am going to gather facts, recipes and the likes to share with those who want to know more...want to dig deeper....want to buy from farms and ranches that believe in sustainability and care about what goes into the making of the products they sell.  Then Paleo makes more sense. 

Because eating Paleo and not caring what all was put into that there meat, or put on those veggies. nor caring how genetically modifying food sources will impact health and quality of life......really is a fine definition for insanity!

Get Real......